I now wear this to work and it always receives compliments from patients. I adore this fragrance .. if they could bottle the 1970s this would be it, Glamorous and very cool, it was my sister’s signature scent, it fills a room and it’s very classy. I actually like the bottle, though would not mind owning the glass bottle. Unis, le réseau panafricain de lutte contre la corruption, a réagi à la plainte porté contre Jean-Jacques Lumumba, un de ses dirigeants, par la société EGAL pour imputations dommageables. I feel like the reformulated version ruined this most wonderful fragrance. Venez visiter plus de 900 maisons, chalets, condos, terrains et commerces à vendre! You can't turn back time. Reminds me my childhood . not a sexy perfume but a clean one that is suitable for a day of work and business. Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Eau d... (41.50 EUR), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating I get compliments specifically from continental Europeans when I wear this one, haha. On first spray, it smells like metal and blue cheese! As I was enjoying all the hours that my beloved Calandre wears on my skin, I remembered I had a nearly 20 year old Rive Gauche purchase, in its striped metal can. If you love it (like me) it's a lifelong love affair. However, there is also something casual about this. Absolutely love Rive Gauche. I love it. Some people dislike the aluminium bottle, I love it. In the middle of the lecture, she stopped, blushed and said 'yes', Thankyou. A little went such a long way in every way. It's still the same gorgeous, huge scent that I remember and am really happy to have in my collection again. So classic and French. This was my first perfume ever. It’s quite sophisticated and cooling, with a fresh, watery rose accord. I must be using Rive Gauche now a good twentyseven year's & not once have I ever tired of it!! Here the river flows roughly westward, cutting the city in two: when facing downstream, the southern bank is to the left, and the northern bank (or Rive Droite) is to the right. No doubt about its 'Frenchness' it has that fresh, cool, chic, vogue quality to it, that can be worn day or night. Every weekend while growing up my family would go to the local town for shopping or just a walk and lunch and my mother would apply this just before getting in to the car and the aldehydes would make me feel nauseous in an enclosed space. I do not know why but i associate this beautiful perfume with Madonna singing True Blue song. Its captivating chic beauty entranced women of all ages. Anyway that Christmas I got my parents to buy me my first ever bottle/can of Rive Gauche & indeed it was the start of a real love affair with it,& like my Manageress Bernie it also smelt Devine on me!! Rive Gauche is an upscale, olfactory palate. My grown up daughters actually hate this one but hell what do they know.? Talk about old lady scent. The current market of fragrances being saturated with sickly, candy sweet florals. I find it hard to describe! What happen to this one-of- a-kind fragrance? I think this is YSLs best. I usually feel ridiculous wearing rose scents but this subverted my expectations. I have never smelled anything like it. Also does anyone recall Ma Griffe? Do you love it sweet and soft? Classic, beautifull and very hard not to notice, - and think,-- ohh what a classy, beautifull woman. Glad I had the opportunity to try it and am glad that others can wear it and enjoy. On me, it starts metallic and I'm a sheet of steel by the end of three hours. Recently they were both stolen and I could only find a brand new EDT. It must have been something with his chemistry. C'est ne pas la meme Rive - "Rive Droite" or "Rive Flanker" perhaps. Even with vintage bottles of No.5 and Diorissimo, she always comes back to this. Of cause I had this perfume as well, I was a bargain at the airport to Mallorca back in 1984. Oh how I used to love this scent way back in the 1990's. Rive Gauche was created in 1970 by perfumer Michel Hy. En 1805 la stanitsa est déplacée à son emplacement actuel pour échapper aux crues du fleuve. What happened to Rive Gauche? Urban naturism is the practice of naturism in a city all year round, and it’s really taken off in Paris over recent times. If ever there was a perfect 'desert island' perfume, this cheeky charmer would be it! Time to make everything old, new again and give the youth a dose of the classic chypre fragrances! Even though revamped, the original scent is distinctively there, resonating nostalgic, its still a beautiful, classic feminine smell. I also recall the slew of frags it inspired, ...Revlon Charlie, Calandre (which predated it, but became more popular at the time) and others. I even had the pure perfume, the one that came in a glass bottle with the striped cap. The new version is also incredible! I buy the vintage bottles that are for auction on Ebay. En 1924 la stanitsa devient le centre administratif du raçon auquel elle donne son nom. I was worried this had changed, my last bottle was an original 1980's huge flacon which lasted ages and I've always adored it. She will be 100 in May. Rive Gauche works at work in a classic black shift dress for desk days or meetings, but it goes just as well with faded jeans at the weekend. Le site de L'Etudiant vous propose des milliers d'offres d'emploi en premier emploi à pourvoir très rapidement. Obviously a reason to seek out older stock (which she is going to try and do..), In A 1000 000 mln years it is still gonna be. Sad to say it's not for me. Bernie always was a very glamorous lady,perfect blonde fixed hair,immaculate make-up & excellent choice in her perfume!! This masterpiece is worn by miss Moneypenny. Very aldehydic, metallic, dry and soapy. Would fit well in a smoky café or an elegant restaurant. Compliments galore! But there is something irresistibly primal in La Rive Gauche. Top notes are Aldehydes, Green Notes, Honeysuckle, Bergamot, Peach and Lemon; middle notes are Rose, iris, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang, Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Magnolia and Gardenia; base notes are Oakmoss, Tahitian Vetiver, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber and Tonka Bean. Its name - \'Left Bank\'- stands for the left side of the river Seine, an intellectual, hip and slightly more bohemian side of Paris, where YSL boutique is situated. De juillet 1942 à février 1943 Bagaïevskaïa est occupé par l’armée allemande. Maybe a little over the top, but every time I get a whiff of this scent, I am taken to an indescribable paradise. Pour le retour, vous pourrez rebrousser chemin en longeant simplement la Venoge par sa rive gauche … Even now when I wear it, I get constant compliments and inquiries. Very old world and elegant, brimming with aldehydes and roses. I had little money but big hair, big attitude, big faith, always in black and red lipstick. Sophisticated, classy and ladylike. The Latin Quarter is a Left Bank area in the 5th and 6th arrondissements in the vicinity of the University of Paris. As a daughter of a jeweler and a secretary, I always thought of her parents akin to movie stars with their diplomas and degrees, something I aspired to greatly. It’s seems that some of the metallic note has been removed. Sweet bottle of wistful, like the old song you can only listen to a few times. I've stayed a life-long chypre lover, and still love them both. Magnificent scent. Chanceux sont ceux qui possèdent la version d'origine, vintage dit-on maintenant. This is one of my lifelong favourites. I wish I knew what to layer on top of it but I have no idea what other fragrance to use to convert it into something wearable. this scent leaves a very soapy feeling . I used to wear this when it first came out and loved it but after a while I started feeling overwhelmed by it. It would not have survived 40 years if it wasnt any good - I lament the lack of an EDP these days though. I love it. For a small amount of money she received a pure parfum mini, eau de parfum, body lotion and powder in small but generous trial sizes, which she gifted me on my 14th birthday. Erotic without being vulgar. floral, soapy, unisex, all season old school incredibile scent. She was an amazing lady and introduced me to an amazing fragrance, even if she didn't realise it! Reformulation catastrophique. It may be just my skin and me getting used to it, but I think it's a little bit different. I am excited to see how it wears during the day, and what kind of dry down I will get. I love expanding my perfume experiences! He chose it because our first romantic encounter was on the left bank of the River Meuse! Something has happened to the composition- I have a client who attends my surgery who wears this and I've always loved it as a classic feminine fragrance. Maybe I was too young and definitely not in the same league as Mrs Hill. But where No 5 has a little creaminess, this has absolutely none. Anyhow, I'm no longer worried. I have the ed t. It is certainly for a confident lady. 19 because that's almost exactly what I smelled when I tried this on. I almost feel sorry for this perfume. Goes to show how well it stores since it has never seen any light. It's pure soap so is clean and kind of bubbly, I did not hate it when I tested it , in fact a small part of me liked it but this is to my nose a bit dated , soapy like classique by john paul gaultier . I've already reviewed this beauty but I guess people and testes change... and my opinion changed on this, too. I'm reviewing this perfume purely because it is my absolute scent nemesis. Online right now: 1484, Fragrantica in your language: Today she came in wearing what I thought was a new fragrance but sadly it's a new incarnation of Rive Gauche and whilst it's nice, it doesn't have that unique edge of the older formulation. The bottle is a beautiful thing and the description and reviews certainly awoke my curiosity, so I bought it as I was intrigued, but I do not recommend that anyone buys this blindly. It has turned into Calandre. Here is something you can do for fun: get samples of Rive Gauche, Ma Griffe, and Calandre and smell them all together. i would love to have it as my signature scent but it is not "me" i just love this scent! [5] In the twelfth century, the philosopher Pierre Abélard helped create the neighborhood when, due to his controversial teaching, he was pressured into relocating from the prestigious Île de la Cité to a less conspicuous residence. Type Marianne de Briat - 10 timbres - Jeux Olympiques d'hiver - autoadhésif - prédécoupe droite: modifié le 17/01/2021: 2,30, rouge. The oakmoss is done is the best way, it’s pronounced and very refined, giving a mature and sincere connotation, which is why I like this as an office perfume. For me as a young woman, both seemed the epitome of sophistication and grown-up allure. My initial impression was that it smelled much too much like any old forgettable drugstore perfume--sickeningly powdery and cloying like face powder that broke loose out of a compact from the 70's. Also I gave it to someone else. The smell is burned into my memories of my grandmother. The name suited it perfectly. You know what? I now truly understand what the aldehydic accord of some fragrances is. My aunt always wore this fragrance, and it makes me think of her. "Rive gauche" was my mother's signature fragrance in the 70's and 80's. Now I truly understand why people are so upset about the reformulation. Years ago I went reading about for quality old-school scents and this one kept coming up. Y&T N°2021-100. I get the old lady vibe at the end but still, this one is so classy...! I was in college and it cost me a pretty penny. To make the anecdote even more incredible (but most assuredly true), thirty years after leaving high-school, but still living in the same area, I stopped at a tag sale. (Important safety tip: if there's a thunderstorm going on, make sure you wait until it's over, as having a terrified dog hiding under your desk panting stink-breath at you will in no way enhance your experiment.). I first started wearing Rive Gauche at the age of 14 (!). Reminds me of my mom and of special occasions. It is so versatile, I can wear this anytime, anyplace and it is never too little or too much. I often wonder what Mrs Hill is doing now and how life is treating her. I can't vouch for previous formulations but this one is WOW! Probably not FB worthy for me, but I'm really happy that I tried it. It does smell a lot like Chanel 19 and my nose can't take that perfume either. and it was so good to try it again. They actually followed my fragrance and wanted to know what "beautiful perfume I was wearing". Okay, so I first owned this in 2014. might even be categorized as a unisex perfume. It's not a bad scent in its own right, very cool, dry, powdery. You must apply this only to your skin to test it. He changed very quickly her long, beautiful white chiffon gown, for a simple, but flawless black pantsuit, with a necklace and earrings of a very modern and minimalistic design. I bought a can and can honestly say I don't get it. … You could imagine that this was the scent that they would be wearing. Emis en 1990. You know who you are, when wearing this one and I imagine someone literary, intellectually free wearing this fragrance. I forsake my usual lotus oil for this scent as my introduction to the bars. A total waste of money. Truly unforgettable and it is unique as a perfume. I adore this perfume and can't wait to get my little hands on this lil baby :), I'm probably going to get lynched for this but here goes....I know this is deemed a classic and is much loved by many on here and I have an open mind and try all kinds of perfumes but this was just not for me at all.The bottle looks like a cheap deodorant can but I didn't let that deter me I eagerly sprayed, lightly I might add and was nearly knocked off my feet.I had to wash this straight off.You notice that awful phrase on here of "old lady smell" and I dislike seeing that written about any perfume as I believe there are no "nasty" perfumes just very different tastes/skin chemistry etc but I really could not see anyone under 60 liking this, but obviously many people of many ages do and they may turn their noses up at some of my favourites.So I shall end there with a "not for me but glad I tried it" and I hope I have not offended all you lovers of this scent :).

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